Within the framework of the strategic plan called New Auto, the Volkwagen Group has unveiled its roadmap for the transformation of the multinational and the path to full electrification. It is an extremely ambitious plan that seeks to consolidate its position as major players in sustainable mobility. Among many of the keys, they unveiled the new SSP platform, on which future new generation electric cars will be built.

The platform SSP (Scalable System Platform) aims to be a highly flexible architecture that would serve as the basis for most of the electric cars designed and produced by the group companies. It will not only replace the MEB and PPE electric platforms, but also the MQB, MLB and MSB, which are combustion engines. In this way they aim to achieve a very important reduction in production costs and increase in the agility of manufacturing and assembly of vehicles.

The SSP platform will be able to integrate different modules for different types of cars and thus guarantee its flexibility. But at the same time it would allow to reduce the mechatronic complexity and thus achieve its financial objectives, as explained Markus Duesmann, CEO of Audi, during the presentation of the plan New Auto.

The first electric cars with an SSP platform will arrive in 2026

The Volkswagen Group claims to be able to start production of the first electric cars with the platform SSP in 2026. It will be the Apollon project from Audi and the Trinity project from Volkswagen. During their useful life they calculate to produce 40 million units on this basis. To achieve this, the multinational will allocate some 800 million euros for a new R&D center in Wolfsburg, where it will be developed. The long-term goal is that all the group’s brands use the platform, but that it can also be used by other manufacturers.

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At the moment the only brand of the group that resists is Porsche. They have assured on several occasions that they will continue to produce cars with a combustion engine, without concrete plans for total electrification. In fact they ruled out giving up the PPE platform, but apparently will fully adopt the SSP platform with a sports variant developed by them.

On the way to full electrification in 2035

The plan New Auto It is the keys to the total electrification of Volkswagen by 2035. In addition to the new SSP platform, they ratify what was announced on Power Day and will open six battery factories before the end of 2030. They also plan to implement a harmonized battery supply chain.

The strategy also aims to create new sources of income through the sale of mobility services, software and autonomous driving, following the steps of Tesla. Like the Fremont company, the goal is to do it directly to the owner, via the internet, from the web or apps.