Square Enix has yet to announce its next PS5 exclusive for Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix has yet to announce its next PS5 exclusive for Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix doesn’t want to divert any attention from Final Fantasy XVI, its flagship game.

Just a few days ago, Square Enix confirmed that it will continue to release exclusive PS5 games. Well, it seems that you have a new game that will arrive exclusively on PS5 soon, although it has not yet been announced because of Final Fantasy XVI, says the Japanese company. He does not want to take the spotlight from the new installment of his star series.

This rumor has emerged through the forums of Resetera, in the middle of the discussion about this exclusive policy of Square Enix on PlayStation 5 and its possible consequences for the parties involved. This user suggests that there is a mysterious project to be announced that would also be exclusive to PS5It just hasn’t been announced yet, due to Final Fantasy XVI not being shown too much either. Square Enix wants focus all attention on the new installment of the Final Fantasy series.

Apparently this kind of exclusivity between Square Enix and PlayStation 5 it would apply only to the rest of the consoles (Xbox), on PC it would follow the usual rhythm of releases after some time after its release on PlayStation consoles. “PC is not in the same conversation, you can see how their PC ports are doing,” comments the leaker referring to Troubled launch of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PC.

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At the moment, it has not been specified if it would be a new IP or a new installment of an already known series, but for what little it has been possible to investigate, it wouldn’t be anything related to Kingdom Hearts or Dragon Quest. We will have to wait for new details about Final Fantasy XVI before this mysterious project is revealed, perhaps in one of the State of Play that PlayStation would prepare for the next few months.

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