The E3 of Square Enix left us a lot of news in the face of the next launches that the Japanese company would have throughout 2021 and beyond. However, one of the announcements that could go a bit more unnoticed was Final Fantasy Pixels Remaster, which would involve the meeting of the 6 first installments of the epic saga in the form of remastering.

At first this announcement created some expectation, which did not last long because it was confirmed that its launch would be limited to iOS, Android and Steam, which left all consoles out of the equation. Nevertheless, it seems that all is not lost for holders of a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5 and / or an Xbox One / Seriesas new information has been revealed around these possible versions.

In a recent Q&A round about Final Fantasy Pixels Remaster, own Square enix has given various details of the content and the news that the title will bring. However, in the same round of questions he has gone further when talking about the ability to view these titles on other platforms, without specifying which ones, being the answer to this quite direct, since it will depend on the demand that there is.

It is news that should not be too surprising, since, after all, as a company, Square Enix will seek the economic benefit wherever there is, so that if users of other platforms are interested, they will end up receiving them. However, they do not give it as something safe, so we will have to wait over time to see if it ends up materializing.

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Outside this area the saga Final Fantasy is currently experiencing a moment of glory. Not only do we have the remake of the seventh installment being a current issue even a year later thanks to its expansion, but also Both the 16th numbered installment and its spin-off have already been announced Stranger of Paradise.