Square Enix does not plan to release a sequel to Chrono Cross

Square Enix does not plan to release a sequel to Chrono Cross

The recent remaster of Chrono Cross aroused the inevitable doubt among the community: Is it Square Enix is planning a sequel, or possibly a remake of chrono trigger? After all, these remasters can help a studio understand how much interest there is in a particular property, especially since it’s much cheaper to develop than a brand new production.

Sadly, the answer to this question is no, since Square Enix He specifically said that “for now they have no plans to develop a sequel or a new game in the franchise, but who knows what the future holds.” Of course, there is the possibility that Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition sells well enough, then it could incentivize Square Enix to go ahead with this franchise.

However, there is also another possibility that this remaster was just a quick way for Square Enix can make money by taking advantage of the nostalgia of the fans, and knowing the Japanese publisher, the truth is that we would not be surprised at all if this were to be the case.


Publisher’s note: It is certainly unfortunate that such a beloved franchise has been forgotten, and considering that we live in an age where remakes are the order of the day, it is surprising that they have not yet been encouraged to recreate at least Chrono Trigger. Obviously this is not an easy task, and Square Enix knows it.

Via: Siliconera