If there is something in the video game industry that can be affirmed without fear of being wrong within the JRPG genre, it is that Top 10 Final Fantasy are masterpieces. It is undeniable that the influence of the saga over the years has been influential, but it was those first titles that marked a before and after in the industry. There will be those who prefer 7, as well as others who say that the best is 9, but another that takes a large part of the cake in popularity is undoubtedly Final Fantasy X.

Final Fantasy X-3 is possible, but not a priority

The title that has Tidus, Yuna, Wakka among others as well as main protagonists It is by far one of the most praised works by the industry within its saga, being so that it posed a trip to us in order to save the land of Spira, having the odd script twist, as well as a certain cloying moment in a forest. And we can’t forget the supreme meme of the game.

This title was followed, as a novelty within Final fantasy, a direct sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, which was in charge of narrating in a better or worse way the events that occurred after the end of the previous game with Yuna, Rikku and Paine. Already in his day the possibility that this story was a trilogy, something that did not materialize at the time. However, to this day it may not be so far fetched.

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Recently Tetsuya nomura, lord zipper to friends ** stated in Famitsu that Nojima, director of Final Fantasy VII Remake, has drawn up the first sketches of what could be a continuation of this story, namely, Final Fantasy X-3. It would certainly be great news for fans, especially seeing that Square Enix is ​​on the job to bring back its great installments of the past, see Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, there is a but.

And it is that despite the fact that the chances of Final Fantasy X-3 materializing are not 0, the studio priority is to continue with Final Fantasy 7 Remake. We will have to wait to see Tidus, Yuna and company again, but the hope of seeing them is there.

▪ Release date: 03/21/2014