Home Gaming Square Enix added the soundtrack of dozens of its games to YouTube

Square Enix added the soundtrack of dozens of its games to YouTube

Square Enix added the soundtrack of dozens of its games to YouTube

Square Enix has added thousands of classic music tracks from its games to its official music channel on YouTube. For a long time, game soundtracks, such as Final Fantasy, have been relegated to fan-made YouTube channels, often leading to copyright strikes and other clampdowns by the publisher.

Square Enix started solving this a few years ago, in 2019, by adding a bunch of soundtracks to his official Square Enix Music page on Spotify. The company raised the bar even further in March 2021 by unlocking access to Final Fantasy lof-fi in the form of the “Chill Out” album on Spotify. All of these moves were very impressive, especially when compared to the way companies like Nintendo operate; however, fans believed that Square Enix still had a long way to go in the music streaming department. Fortunately, the publisher has also recognized this, as a series of recent events demonstrate.

Now, a Twitter user shared a post in which he pointed out that yesterday, Square Enix’s music channel received numerous updates adding classic tracks from their games to the channel, including several Final Fantasy original soundtracks. Ranging from FFI and FFVII to FFIX and FFXIII-2. Fortunately, a wide variety of other Square Enix-owned brands also received love, with the NieR: Automata Piano Collections appearing on its own playlist. Beloved Chrono, Mana, and SaGa franchises also have their own playlists on the channel.

This news certainly deserves a celebration. Once again, for a long time, much of Square Enix’s unrivaled music catalog was relegated to fan YouTube channels rather than official streaming options. And when those options finally reared their heads, they were surprisingly limited. Now Square Enix loyalists have a robust library of soundtracks freely accessible through a leading music streaming platform.

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