Spyker will return this year after going bankrupt and some details are already known | Motor

Spyker will return this year after going bankrupt and some details are already known |  Motor

Spyker has announced its return for 2022, with the launch of three new models and the idea of ​​continuing to make cars with V8 combustion engines.

2022 will bring news and one of them will be the spyker’s return. The Dutch firm seems to return this year as Spyker group, according to a press release that has been issued in this regard.

It is not the first time that the firm has returned after a period of disappearance and, in fact, there was already talk of this resurgence in 2020. However, at that time no agreement was reached and everything remained in a loss of 52,000 euros by Victor Muller, founder of the brand.

At that time, Spyker went bankrupt. However, it is now a investment group led by Michail Pessis and Boris Rotemberg The one who signed an agreement on December 20 for the firm to return in 2022.

Through this agreement, Muller points out that it is marked “the starting point for rebuilding Spyker as a sports car maker with a stronger foundation than ever and with broad access to better technical and financial resources than ever before to achieve our ambitious business goals”.

How this return will be carried out in terms of the cars that will be manufactured is something that has not yet been finalized, but the Spyker CEO has reported that “in a world dominated by electrification, there is a constant demand for real sports cars, those that seduce all the senses. We will continue to serve that particular group of enthusiasts. “

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They will continue to use V8 engines

By this he means that they will try to continue to rely on cars with a traditional V8 engine under the hood, although do not rule out hybrid variants on certain future models: “We will of course offer hybrid solutions on our future models, but the internal combustion V8 will remain at the heart of every Spyker for many years”, Sentence.

Thus, the idea is to try to be faithful to the bases of the company in terms of the configuration of sports cars, as well as their manufacture, which is expected to continue to be handmade. Under these premises, the creation of three new models for this 2022.

According to the brand’s plans, it will be now when the Spyker C8 Preliator, Spyker D8 Peking-to-Paris SUV and Spyker B6 Venator that were made known long ago. Therefore, it is about two sports cars in the pure style of the brand and an SUV, whose main objective will be to ensure the economic viability of the brand. Will there be a happy ending this time?

This article was published on Top Gear by Sergio Ríos.