Depending on the position each of the 20 riders occupy on the grid before the grid is modified after the sprint race at Silverstone, those on the grid will take more or less risk.

The controversy is served: the leaders of Formula 1, in their incessant search for new ideas that help revolutionize the sport and bring it even closer to fans, put several options on the table for the last year of a regulation that will give way to a change in 180º.

It was at the end of April when the F1 Commission finally approved, after many rumors and meetings, the races to sprint. Silverstone, Monza and Interlagos (if COVID allows it) will be the circuits where 100-kilometer races will be held on Saturday from which the new poleman, and not of the usual classification as it was done to date.

At the starts, drivers tend to take more risks and therefore gain or lose more positions.

On the eve of the first one, the 20 drivers that make up the grid of the premier category of motorsport have expressed their intentions regarding this experiment. While those with competitive cars will try to keep calm up front, the most modest suggest that they may opt for a significantly different strategy that allows them give the bell.

Lewis hamilton

«We have to go for everything, I have to get the lion that I carry inside and give it all It all starts with the departure; Overtaking the Red Bulls is not easy, so being first really helps, although we still have a lot of obstacles ahead of us. The race to sprint it’s going to be interesting, I think I have the car where I need it, so we’ll see»

Fernando Alonso

«It will be the first stint of the race and then we stopped for one night, continuing the race on Sunday. It will be interesting learn what we can improve with this approach »

Lando norris

Let’s see, it’s not a long race, is it? So you have to push as much as possible, really. I don’t think it’s too chaotic, maybe in the first few lapsBut then things will calm down and it will be pretty straightforward. It is not about taking risks, but about choosing the battles wisely, because the points are still given on Sunday, not Saturday »

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Carlos Sainz

“I think we have a good opportunity to push. We need to take a look to see what we can do to recover some positions, because it seems to me that the car could have entered the Top 6, so we will have to find some way to pass »

George Russell

“We are in this position after having put everything on the table, we have to do it again in the race at sprint. We have to be aggressive and take advantage, otherwise the fastest cars behind us are going to eat us up ».

“It’s not going to be easy, but I think a lot of our rivals are going to play it safe, because they just want to start from a reasonable average position on Sunday, which give me a chance. We have to go for everything and whatever has to happen, we are only there because that is how we approach things»

Max verstappen

«You try to win. It’s 3 points that you can take with you, so without a doubt you try to win even knowing that Sunday’s race is the most important »

Mick schumacher

«I would not say more risk … obviously we also have to think about the budget, so we don’t want to go with the knife between our teeth and go crazy from turn 1 to 3 »

Antonio Giovinazzi

«The strategy is quite simple: we have to try to gain some positions and then think about Sunday, don’t take too many risks. I think it will be difficult to overtake, there will be no stops, so what you win in the first lap will be what you win overall »

Daniel Ricciardo

“You have to be a bit smart, points are distributed on Sunday, so you don’t want to ruin everything and do something stupid. I see it as an opportunity to start something higher on the grid, so we will do that. I’m excited about the format, I like to play free practice and go straight to qualifying, it’s fun. Obviously I am frustrated by such small differences, so I will calm down »