Spotify wants to replicate the success of TikTok and is preparing a new feature that it is already testing in the beta of its app.

In the past we have already seen applications such as Instagram or YouTube trying to launch similar functions to TikTok, but we did not expect that Spotify would also join this list. The music app is testing a new feature in its app that add music video posts through which we can move vertically.

The function has been discovered by Chris Messina, via TechCrunch, and is now available in the beta version of Spotify for iOS. In the lower bar we have a new icon that activates this new function where we can swipe up or down to view short video clips.

In addition to being able to watch different short music videos, we can interact with the different publications. We have available a “Like” button and another to consult information about that song that is playing, and would add directly to our library.

At the moment it is a novelty in the testing phase and Spotify has not officially ruled or provided further details, although the company did confirm in a statement that it has been “exploring the idea of ​​a vertical video transmission”.

At Spotify, we routinely run a series of tests in an effort to improve our user experience. Some of those tests end up paving the way for our broader user experience and others only serve as important learning. We have no more news to share at this time.

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This function could to reach users in an upcoming Spotify update or not. Spotify already tested a Stories feature that allowed influencers to post stories with their own playlists, but ultimately that option was never available to all users. We will see what happens with this novelty similar to TikTok.

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