Spotify is testing a new vertical feed in the style of TikTok with a new function to do scroll and skip or like songs; we tell you the details.

The new function of Spotify is called Discover and allows app users to scroll vertically to discover new music and to skip or like songs.

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The feature appeared in the latest beta version of iOS TestFlight by Spotify and was discovered by Chris Messina, who revealed screenshots on his account Twitter.

The function to do scroll appears as a fourth icon on the toolbar in the beta version of Spotify for iOS. So if you want to try the new feed vertical style TikTok, you can download TestFlight for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV in this link.

The function Discover makes it easy for users to find new music in an intuitive and fast way, sliding their finger up and down to move through the feed.

Spotify tests vertical feed in the style of TikTok

By doing scroll, you can touch the heart to like the song or press the three-dot menu to display the information of Spotify about the song.

What’s more, Discover allows artists to create videos to accompany songs, instead of displaying only still images, which appear in certain songs on the standard album art, when a video is played.

Spotify has not given details of the general application of the new Discover feature and the feed vertical, noted that they typically test new features and don’t necessarily become part of the stable app.

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