Spotify Supergrouper unites the best musicians in one list

Spotify Supergrouper unites the best musicians in one list

The Justice League, The Avengers or The Supergroup are three examples of what can be achieved when you unite the best of the best. It also happens in sports, when you bring together your favorite footballers or basketball players in your own FIFA or NBA team. And in music, it’s nothing new that members of some Music groups Join others and form a super band ready to play songs that will make you go crazy. Well, Spotify intends to do something like this with Supergrouperone of its most curious novelties.

Spotify recently launched a karaoke mode so you can give your voice the best of singing those songs that you’ve always sung in the shower. Well, another of its new functions has to do with take advantage of the music What do you usually hear? To yours Favorite songs but also to those who play them, singers and musical groups.

So if you are a fan of featuring and you like it listen to singers or groups play together, Spotify Supergrouper will make you have a good time with the best of the best music. According to your preferences, no prefabricated lists by third parties. Or if. Let’s see how it works.

Most original music charts

First of all, to enjoy this new functionality you must have updated your Spotify app. Or so the press release says. I do not understand the reason, since at no time will you need the application. Specifically, it refers to the version for iPhone, iPad and/or Android. Or so we deduce. Then you have to enter in this page from own mobile device from which you listen to music. If you test from your computer, it will invite you to access from your smartphone.

the page of Spotify Supergrouper will be linked to your Spotify account when you press the corresponding button and log in with your Spotify user. It does not ask you to have the application installed, at least to make the music list. Once logged in, it will show you a series of musical artists and groups according to your tastes and preferences. And this is where the magic begins. Select those artists that you like the most and assign them a role within your new band or super band. You can choose between three and five. The functions are given by the wizard. Or you can hit the button Randomize so that the process is random. What comes up.

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You never know what's going to come out of Spotify Supergrouper

A music shaker for Spotify

When you’re done, all you have to do is give the new group a name and that’s it. You can share what comes out of Spotify Supergrouper with your friends through social networks or listen to the result directly from the app or from the web version. A play list that shows the music of that super band that you have created by uniting the artists that you like the most. A list automatically selected from the information you have previously provided. And that you can expand by adding up to 15 songs more you choose manually.

For the comments of those who have been able to try it, Spotify Supergrouper It’s more of a marketing campaign than a new feature. And from what I have been able to verify myself, basically what it does is create playlists with groups and artists that, a priori, have never gotten together and whose result gives rise to very different songs. But that’s basically what happens to all of us when we create a list of favorite songs. On the plus side, anyone can play with Spotify Supergrouperwhether you have a paid account or a free account.