The present day Spotify announced its numbers for the third quarter of the year, where it stressed that it already has 381 million users worldwide, of which 172 million are premium users, that is, they pay a subscription to the service.

This growth in subscribers and users represented a growth of 19% compared to the same period of the previous year.

The main competitors of SpotifyAs Apple Music, Amazon Music and YouTube Music are far behind Spotify users. A few weeks ago Google announced that YouTube Music already had 50 million subscribers, although it did not reveal the total number of users. On the other hand, Amazon and Apple do not usually disclose the numbers of users and subscribers, but according to Music Ally, they have a total of 55 and 60 million subscribers, respectively.

Spotify beat Apple Music on podcasts

Although the service of Swedish origin was already the number 1 platform to listen to podcasts internationally, in the United States that position was held by Apple Music. However, Spotify managed to outperform its rival in this market.

Spotify argued that these figures correspond to an analysis by Edison Research, as well as internal company data and metrics.

The company says the number of podcasts went from 2.9 million shows to 3.2 million in just one quarter. He also boasted that podcast consumption hours reached an all-time high, although he did not disclose the specific data.

The company has yet to launch Spotify HiFi, a service that will offer streaming music with CD quality. This service was promised later this year in select countries.

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YouTube Music’s best paid feature will now be free

Apple Music, Amazon Music, Dezzer, and Tidal offer high-fidelity music in Mexico, so we expect Spotify to add this option to our market very soon.