The Tokyo Olympics are here. Despite the delays, inconveniences and concerns about the possibility of carrying them out, the event is about to begin. For this reason, let us give you a list of sports series and movies for lovers of the genre.

This is the ideal time to review the productions that, in one way or another, analyze the world of sport. The way in which film and television reflect on the scope of the different disciplines is also a look at inspiration. Everything, through the perception of the playgrounds, players and great triumphs as a celebration of willpower.

What better time to review series and films that honor sport in all its fields?

We leave you three series and three sports movies to enjoy in this time of competition and enthusiasm.

From sports movies to the playing field

‘Fire cars’

The now classic sports movie shows how competition, rivalry and emotional power are a fundamental part of the genre. With its symbolic plot and a soundtrack for the story, it is one of the most remembered films on the sports field. In 1981 he was nominated for seven Oscars, of which he won four. Including Best Film and Best Original Screenplay.

In case of an uplifting look at the sport, it ranks 19th on the list of Top 100 British Films from the British Film Institute.

‘Any given Sunday’

In a brilliant exercise in style, Oliver Stone decided to create a drama out of one of America’s quintessential obsessions. American football is the center of this dark, corrosive and intelligent argument with Al Pacino to the head.

Beyond a look at the way the US reflects on ambition, it is also a daring exploration of its darkest spots. A combination that the director is very good at.

‘The Rocky saga’

Are you surprised to find the Rocky Balboa story on our list of sports movies? Maybe not so much if we take into account that it is one of the most influential of the genre in the history. Not only did he manage to bring heart, emotion and a brilliant argument for improvement to his first installment. Also, he maintained his identity despite the ups and downs of the saga.

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As if that weren’t enough, now you also have a new opportunity thanks to Ryan Coogler and Believe. A whole new look at a story about sport as a means of redemption turned into a generational phenomenon.

Also in new sports series

‘A game of gentlemen’

East historical drama English sports by Julian Fellowes is one of the great options in the Netflix series for sports lovers. The six chapters are an elegant reconstruction of the birth of the English football association.

But it is also a journey through the evolution of football as a national obsession. Brilliant, with a restrained execution and a solid script, it’s a delightful look at a rare topic.

‘Ted Lasso’

The Apple TV + smash hit is also one of the most charming series of the last years. It is a celebration of sportsmanship, and a journey of remarkable intelligence through the essence of competition.

But there is much more to Ted lasso than humorous phrases or a good handling of the resource of naivety. Its central character and the one who gives the series its name, is also, a symbol of good. One so endearing and well built as to carry the series on your shoulders. In the end, Ted and his clumsiness are the best lesson in the spirit of improvement and redemption on television today.

‘The Last Dance’

The Netflix series focused as a documentary is already a classic of the sports series that shows what sustains the greatest successes of the NBA. With its air of emotional travel, it is an extraordinary tribute to the world of sport.

The program focuses his attention on the Chicago Bulls during the 1997–1998 season. But especially in his players. A host of stars that includes Michael Jordan to Scottie Pippen. Exciting, moving to tears and deeply respectful of the sports world is also a tribute to the fans.

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