Sportequipe SK, the new EVO Cross 4 is transformed into a pick-up with a sporty design

Sportequipe SK, the new EVO Cross 4 is transformed into a pick-up with a sporty design

The new Sportequipe brand has burst onto the scene along with a range of very interesting vehicles. Among them is the Sportequipe SK. A pick-up with a sporty design based on the recently presented EVO Cross 4. In addition to design, it boasts equipment and features.

sportequipe, the new car brand created by DR Automobiles, has made its debut in society within the framework of an important event organized in Italy, his native country. Under this signature, DR Automobiles sets its sights on the sports vehicle segment. Moreover, one of the main objectives for which Sportequipe has been conceived is neither more nor less than to “make sportsmanship accessible to the public”.

At the launch of Sportequipe, the initial range with which this firm will start its commercial journey has been announced. An offer that will be made up of urban cars, SUVs and a pick-up. The new Sportequipe SK It has been one of the most outstanding models. A vehicle based on the recently presented EVO Cross 4 to result in a pick-up with a sporty design.

The new Sportequipe SK has been presented in society

The keys of the new Sportequipe SK

The new SK it is a quickly recognizable model. Sportequipe has given it a whole series of characteristic features to distance itself from the low-cost EVO pick-up. On the front we find a large grill finished in black and which includes a small brand logo. The grille is combined with characteristic headlights and black plastic fenders.

The bodywork adopts a two-tone configuration. The red used on the vehicle body and wing mirror caps is combined with a black finished roof and pillars. This last hue has also been used on the safety bars in the cargo area. By the way, the new SK has the same measurements as the Cross 4.

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Leaving aside the exterior, if we go inside the new SK we will find a well equipped cabin. It has, among other elements, a sliding sunroof, an infotainment system with a 10.4-inch touch screen, cruise control, climate control and compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Sportequipe SK - interior
The interior of the new Sportequipe SK. Show off standard equipment

The engine of the new Sportequipe SK

Regarding the mechanical section there are no surprises. Under the hood of Sportequipe’s first pick-up there is a 2.0 liter diesel engine which develops a power of 136 hp. It is associated with a six-speed manual gearbox and a 4×4 drive. It declares an average consumption of 11 liters per 100 kilometers and can reach a maximum speed of 150 km/h.

When will it hit the market? The commercial launch of the new SK is set for next September. At this time it is unknown what its price will be. It will initially be on sale in Italy. Predictably the Sportequipe brand will be introduced in the rest of the European markets where DR Automobiles and EVO are present.