If I’m talking about an arcade car game with impossible skids, explosions everywhere and the possibility of triggering events such as a tow truck taking your rivals ahead, most likely Split / Second will come to mind, the eternal jewel of the game. extinct Black rock studio.

The only necessary note in that statement is that, in addition, there is now another game that responds to similar characteristics. With some of the former directors, producers and founders of Black rock studio after the project, now it is born Detonation Racing.

With the presentation of the game, the similarities between one and the other are more than clear, to which are added not a few declarations of intentions such as that dock track with cargo containers serving as an excuse for a takedown.

Luckily for those who can enjoy it and unfortunately for all fans of Split / Second Out there, the bad news is that the game will not reach PC or new consoles and, at least for now, is only accessible from the Apple Arcade platform.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed to see if they change their minds and give a little more ambition to the launch of Detonation Racing. Nothing would make us happier than to see how jewelry like Split / Second or Pure are reborn from their ashes.