Spider-Man 4 will be possible if these conditions are met

Spider-Man 4 will be possible if these conditions are met

Almost half a month has passed since spider-man: No Way Home shocked the fans Marvel, thus taking a step in the evolution of the character that was being requested so much. This is enough reason to ask for a next part, which has been confirmed on previous occasions that it will be a fact in the coming years.

It is worth commenting that the next part of the story could take longer than you might think, it is due to the already planned break that Holland contemplates taking after finishing recordings in The Crowded Room. And it is that the actor has not rested, either in filming for future projects or promotion of newly released tapes.

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At this time, both Marvel What Sony They are already thinking about restarting the character, because at the moment their situation indicates that it will be a whole new odyssey for Peter starting college. Although there is a condition behind all this, since the company that owns the rights wants Zendaya return as MJ Y jon watts at the address.

Due to a decision made by the main character at the end of the film, it is almost impossible for the character of MJ can return, but maybe there is a way to bring her back to the screen. As for the director, he has mentioned that he no longer wants to make superhero films, so it could be difficult to convince them after having his trilogy with Spidey.

Publisher’s note: They are quite specific conditions, but even if they are not met, it is evident that Sony will continue to squeeze their flagship character as long as they have the rights in the bag. At least it’s confirmed that Tom Holland still hasn’t parted ways with the friendly neighbor.

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