Speedrunner finishes Sekiro in two hours and blindfolded

Speedrunner finishes Sekiro in two hours and blindfolded

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice It’s already a hard enough game, so imagine beating the game in just two hours and blindfolded. That was the challenge a streamer and speedrunner set for himself during the annual event. Awesome Games Done Quick last weekend, and the result was simply amazing.

via his channel Youtube, the user Mitchriz shows us how he managed to finish sekiro using a bandage on his eyes, and as I told you before, in a record time of two hours and 35 seconds. This is certainly an impressive display of skill, as you not only need to know how to take down enemies extremely quickly, but also memorize the buttons required to level up the required skills.

According to this youtuber, has been attempting this challenge for the last five months or so. In fact, he had previously managed to finish the game much faster, and says that without blindfolding he could finish it in as little as 20 minutes. Awesome Games Done Quick It’s already come to an end this year, but this 2022 edition was one of the most successful, managing to raise $3.4 million for charity.


Publisher’s note: These kinds of feats are always amazing, and in the case of Sekiro in particular it’s even more impressive. There are people who can’t get out of the tutorial using their five senses, so I don’t even want to imagine how much practice you need to do it blindfolded and in record time.

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Speedrunner finishes Sekiro in two hours and blindfolded

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