Special Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is resold expensive

Special Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is resold expensive

The present day Nintendo has released a new batch of the special edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which is why fans of the franchise have rushed to get one of these editions. The problem with everything is that there are some resellers who also managed to get it and therefore place it at exaggerated prices on resale sites.

Now, you can see this game for sale on pages like ebay, where prices are somewhat exaggerated, reaching up to $300 USD, although some others directly put the game up for auction starting at $250. This is not the first time it has happened with titles of Nintendosince it happened in its day with the collection in 3D of Super Mario.


It’s a bit of a strange decision. Nintendo put the game up for sale exclusively in his store, but apparently it will be a new norm for titles to come. So it would come as no surprise that the special editions of the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild wave of Metroid Prime 4 are also sold that way.

Here are some of the complaints from fans:

Nintendo after changing absolutely nothing about the store for the launch of Xenoblade 3 Special Edition and everything goes back to shit

Any Normal Company: Wow, Xenoblade 3 Special Edition crashed our site. I guess we should make some changes to the way you order it so everyone can get one.

Nintendo: Let’s do the exact same thing again, except now you can only buy one.

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