Spain will ban the sale of fruit and vegetables in plastic packaging from 2023

Spain will ban the sale of fruit and vegetables in plastic packaging from 2023

The Government plans to prohibit the use of plastic containers for the retail sale of fresh fruits and vegetables from the year 2023. It was anticipated by El País and Ministerial sources have confirmed Direct to the Palate which is a measure provided for in the draft of the Royal Decree on packaging and waste in which the Ministry of Ecological Transition is working. The goal of the next standard is to combat the abuse of polluting single-use packaging, as well as promote sustainable practices such as buying in bulk and the use of returnable packaging.

Linking with the campaign #NudeTheFruit Viralized in 2018, Spain would thus come closer to the French regulations that will prohibit this type of packaging from next year, and which is in line with the recommendations set by the European Union in terms of sustainability. Single-use plastic objects such as straws or plastic cutlery, expanded polystyrene trays they are the next target to reduce the overuse of these polluting materials.

The return of bulk purchase and returnable packaging

The plastic He came into our lives to make everything easier for us, but the abusive use of disposable containers and objects is wreaking havoc on the environment of the entire planet. It is not easy to combat this excess when it is so ingrained in everyday life, and for this reason the European authorities are proposing various actions to boost a circular economy and fight pollution.

As part of these measures, the royal decree being finalized by the Ministry headed by the vice president Teresa Ribera It thus contemplates prohibiting plastic containers in packages of fruit and vegetables from less than a kilo and a half of weight. According to sources from El País, food containers with risk of deterioration when sold in bulk. The list of these foods should be established and published by AESAN.

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Plastic Fruit

The idea, therefore, is retrieve a retail purchase mode as traditional as bulk and the practice of returnable packaging, something that is still practiced in small towns and that small businesses that are committed to sustainability not only in the products they sell have recovered.

The Executive also plans to promote measures that encourage good practices both in shops and for the consumer, promoting the installation of drinking water sources in public spaces or facilitating that clients can take their own packaging to buy food in bulk, without posing a risk to hygiene or food safety.

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