Sony’s next purchase would be something bigger than Kojima Productions

Sony’s next purchase would be something bigger than Kojima Productions

Although Sony has acquired some major game development studios in the last couple of months, such as Bungie, the company behind Destiny. Some sources claim that Sony intends to make another purchase in the near future, and it looks like it’s going to make a splash in the industry.

Specifically, it was Jeff Grubb who said that Sony’s next acquisition would be one of the biggest to dateand the most popular idea at the time was that Sony was targeting Hideo Kojima’s own studio, Kojima Productions. Now, Grubb reviews these claims and says that this is definitely not Kojima Productions, but there is more to it.

It is well known that Hideo Kojima himself denied the acquisition, and Grubb underscores this further by saying that, after all, Sony intends to buy something bigger than Kojima Productions. At the moment, Kojima Productions has only released one major title since Kojima went independent, so the studio’s portfolio remains rather slim despite being a major player in the industry. For Grubb to claim that Sony has its sights set on something higher, the acquisition would have to be truly substantial.

The idea of Sony could acquire Kojima Productions did not come out of the blue, as community members pointed out that not only has Kojima himself released numerous projects in cooperation with Sony, but Death Stranding itself was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment in the first place. This, of course, is not the case, but it was the best theory.

The acquisition of a “really big” studio by Sony it’s long known or at least the idea that the company is working on something big behind the scenes. Although several sources have independently confirmed this acquisition, no one seems to know what exactly it could mean, as there has been no leak to base it on.

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Some believe that Sony could be targeting EA, while others claim that it may be Ubisoft. There has also been talk of FromSoftware, Capcom and Square Enix, but there is no information to suggest that it is any of these studios.