Sony would release PSVR2 along with more than 20 major games

Sony would release PSVR2 along with more than 20 major games

Investor meetings and financial results reports are two ways a video game fan can get news about what a company is planning. Recently, through an earnings report, Control developer Remedy Entertainment revealed five new games it was working on.

While there were no actual trailers or reveals for these titles, for some fans it’s enough to know that their favorite publishers and developers have plenty of titles lined up. Now, Sony informs its investors and followers of what it has in store for the coming years.

The first detail, and perhaps the most impressive, that Sony revealed at its most recent investor meeting is that PSVR2 it will launch with over 20 “major” titles, both first-party and third-party. Some PSVR2 games have already been revealed, such as Horizon: Call of the Mountain, a spin-off game set in the Horizon Zero Dawn universe.

Having over 20 titles available at launch will hopefully incentivize fans to purchase the PSVR2especially if some old VR hits may get an update for the new platform.

Unfortunately, for fans eagerly awaiting PSVR2’s release, Sony’s investor meeting didn’t give an exact date on when that will be, which could fuel rumors that PSVR2 could be delayed.

Moving on from VR, Sony also showed a clear interest in creating new IPs. While its existing franchises like God of War and Horizon games have proven incredibly successful, by 2025 Sony is aiming for 50% of its games to be from new IP and 50% from existing series.