Sony will take care of the free demos in the new PS Plus |

Sony will take care of the free demos in the new PS Plus |

Almost a day ago it was discovered in a report that the PSPlus will offer free demos to its users, as long as the prices in its store exceed $34 USD. However, this lent itself to misunderstanding things, thus assuming that the developers would be forced to create these free versions of the games.

This was disproved a few hours later according to a report, which was sent to the reporter from Kotaku, Ethan Gach, who contacted the company and mentioned something curious. And it is that PlayStation will be in charge of preparing the two-hour demos, so the developers will not have the obligation to get to work on them.

Regarding the policy that the demo remains for one year in the store, it must be respected, since PlayStation and the developers are going to come to a monetary deal for this. Also, no money is going to be lost because the timed trials will be added three months after the game is released, which is quite a long way from their release dates.

In related news, through a section of its official page, PlayStation clears the doubts for automatic migrations to the new format, especially for those who have an active subscription to PS Now. Offering adaptable ways to move to the new program without a problem, all related information can be found in this link.

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Remember that the new PSPlus the next one is released June 13th.

Editor’s note: It’s a good sign that Sony has come out to clear things up, so you can be sure developers aren’t going to suffer any sort of job scouting. Concerns arose around big-name third-party companies and also independent ones that don’t have as much budget.

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Sony will take care of the free demos in the new PS Plus |