The specific model we are talking about is the Sony HT-ZF9, a team that among one of its virtues has the power to directly access the voice assistant Alexa from Amazon. This, among other things, allows you to perform a large number of configuration and operation actions very easily and even others to manage all the accessories you have at home directly with this product. In addition, and this is also important, this is a device that comes with different preset settings, which will make you always get the best sound quality when you are playing with the console or enjoying a live sport on your home TV.

With a very good black finish that does not make it clash with practically any type of decoration that may be had in the living room, at this time you can enjoy a discount that reaches 36% of the price that this sound bar usually has on Amazon . Therefore, you you save nothing more and nothing less than 288.80 euros for a device that has a quality that is beyond doubt and that is among the best options that the Japanese company currently has on the market. We leave you the link that you must use to take advantage of the occasion and where you will not have to pay nothing for shipping costs if you have a Prime account.

Sound quality of this Sony bar

The truth is that the possibilities that you will find in this team are excellent since, among other things, the inclusion of a subwoofer wireless (which ensures an excellent experience of use with the bass something that has a significant influence when watching movies or with games) this is a life insurance to enjoy the most of your 3.1 channels Sound. In addition, the total power offered by this Sony HT-ZF9 is 400 watts, an impressive figure that makes it one of the best you can buy right now to use at home. Come on, this product is overflowing with volume.

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It is also important to mention that this is a device that includes several technologies that significantly improve everything you listen to. A couple of examples of what we say are S-Force PRO and Vertical Surround Engine, which were sought after aims to achieve virtual surround playback that is capable of simulating 7.1 environments. And what does this matter? Well, something so simple how to achieve a surround sound so realistic that you will know exactly where you are being shot from in a game.

Using the Sony HT-ZF9 soundbar

Outstanding connectivity

Any option that you are going to need you will find in this Sony sound bar. Thus, in addition to the usual options such as digital optical audio sound input or HDMI (compatible with 4K and HDR video quality), you will also find such curious options as for example Ethernet. Obviously, taking into account that this is a very complete product, in the wireless section you will find both Bluetooth to be able to send content from the phone to Wifi to be able to access audio services in the cloud and always get the most out of the voice assistant Alexa. In short, an ideal sound bar for setting up your home theater.

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