Sony could let you emulate PS3 games on PlayStation 5

Sony could let you emulate PS3 games on PlayStation 5

There has been talk about an interesting project in which Sony could be working right now, it’s about an emulator that could allow its users to take their games from Playstation 3 to the console Playstation 5and according to one of its main attractions, it is that it would not be necessary to transmit them over the internet, are you interested?…

That’s right, all this arises based on what the Venturebeat journalist, Jeff Grubbhas begun to disclose, since he assures that close and reliable sources of Sonytold him that the company might be working behind the scenes on an emulation solution for video games. Playstation 3to be able to take them and play from your Playstation 5.

It all started earlier this week, when Sony announced that it would bring classic games to its latest console through its new subscription PS Plus Premiumthe new subscription system that it plans to launch from the month of Junewhich will cost $17.99 dollars, that is, $357.27 MXN per month, including that its subscribers will obtain benefits, including access to 340 games originals of PlayStation, PS2, PS3 and PSP.

This news has been to the liking of its players, however, most of these games will be available to download and play on PS5 via emulation, so Sony confirmed that the games PS3 will only be playable via cloud streaming, but depending on Grubbthis service could eventually receive an emulation that would allow other retro systems to reach the latest console of the Sony.

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Now, although Sony So far he has not publicly mentioned what his plan will be, we cannot rule out that this is a possibility, and since there are currently many classic games of PlayStationwhich can only be played from a Playstation 3this might be a hard way to do it, but probably the best way to do it, at least for your users.