Sonosite PX, new state-of-the-art intelligent ultrasound system

Sonosite PX, new state-of-the-art intelligent ultrasound system
  • Technology not only benefits patients but also makes doctors’ jobs easier.
  • Its main advantage is that it offers the doctor the reliability of an ultrasound with the best image quality by having the most advanced technology on the market.
  • It joins other innovations such as a 3D ultrasound equipment for blind parents.

Technology is a fundamental part of life and especially in fields such as medicine. Its development has made it possible to create equipment that facilitates the work of health professionals. Among these new innovations is the state-of-the-art ultrasound which is of great relevance to treat various diseases.

Sometimes, these types of creations are only available to first world countries, but now great news has been revealed. It’s all thanks to the fact that the new Sonosite PX medical equipment will finally be available in Mexico.

It’s about a state-of-the-art ultrasound system aimed at the health professional who needs to perform non-invasive medical tests to diagnose and treat medical conditions. It stands out because it produces images of the interior of the body quickly, intuitively and accurately.

What does it consist of?

The team that recently arrived in Mexico is designed so that the priority is the comfort of the patient. It also provides the doctor with the reliability of an ultrasound with the best image quality by having the most advanced technology on the market. It stands out because it reduces noise and improves color performance.

All of the above allows to clearly see the ultrasound references in nerve blocks, cardiac evolutions and a precise vision even in the smallest joints.

For its part, this equipment also has a new keyboard that combines tactile and physical buttons so that the doctor can almost intuitively access the necessary controls for the study. It was designed for better operability, so you can develop the types of exams most used in this type of system, which are previously configured with the most necessary annotations and calculations, improving flow and work time.

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Thanks to its innovative design, you can adapt your screen in landscape or portrait format. With this, it allows doctors to adjust the ergonomics of the equipment at the bedside and place it closer to the patient according to the needs of each moment. This provides comfort to patients during the study.

Another characteristic of the innovation is its small size. For this reason, the system is more maneuverable and accessible in busy corridors and fits better under beds. In addition, it is extremely resistant as it withstands splashes and drops of up to one meter, becoming the best ally in specialties such as emergency medicine, anesthesiology and cardiology.

Other recent creations available to doctors

Building on all of the above, this state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment joins other newly developed ones. Such is the case of one presented in Argentina that stands out for being the first for blind parents.

It all came about when a group of doctors from the Oulton Institute (IO) proposed the 3D ultrasound creation for blind people who were about to become parents.

What the doctors did was take an ultrasound of the 29th week of pregnancy in which the facial features of the product could be seen in a concrete way. Then they went to a printing house to be able to make a three-dimensional version of the print and the goal was achieved.