Sonic’s first design in the movie has a great cameo in the Chip and Chop movie

Sonic’s first design in the movie has a great cameo in the Chip and Chop movie


A very funny reference in this movie that is already available on Disney +.

I think we all remember the original design of Sonic in his movie, which he managed to horrify everyone thanks to his realistic appearance that even made the audience uncomfortable. Luckily, this design was discarded, and it was decided to delay the film in order to redo the design of this character, thus culminating in the Sonic that we have seen in the two films that we have been able to see. For this reason, this first design of the blue hedgehog has become a meme, so much so that we have already seen mockery of it in all kinds of media, but now it seems that we will also see it in the new Chip and Chop movie.

This movie, for those who don’t have it on their radar, is “Chip and Chop: The Rescue Guardians” and it’s about a film that mixes animation and real characters, as Space Jam did, for example. This movie is already available exclusively on the Disney+ platform, and therefore you can go look for this reference right now if you are users of this platform.

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A well thought out reference

In this new Disney movie this Sonic design is named as “Ugly Sonic” what comes to literally means “ugly Sonic”, something that on the other hand comes like a glove. In it, he can be seen in a kind of stand within a convection, in which he seems to be taking advantage of the fact that he became part of the history of the internet (not in a good way) to be able to sell his autographed photos.

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In the scenes in which he also appears we can see how the movie makes several jokes about itLike when Sonic himself talks about how he knows what it’s like to be laughed at or when he talks about being offered a reality show.

We could say that this is something that is natural, this failed design has become a meme in itself and therefore it is natural to see how series or movies parody it, although seeing it in this movie is precisely something strange.

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