Sonic Generations mod lets us play with Mario

Sonic Generations mod lets us play with Mario

More than a decade has passed since the release of Sonic Generations and a fan has found a way to make it feel like a totally new game, as he has developed a mod that allows us to use Mario as a playable character, with the controls of Super Mario 64the Nintendo 64 classic.

The creator of said od is Skyth (@bsthlc on Twitter), who shared a clip of his creation that shows us how differently Sonic Generations plays using Mario as a character. The level design doesn’t change and Mario’s gameplay follows that of Super Mario 64, which makes for an interesting experience.

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If you want to play Sonic Generations using Mario As a playable character, this is made possible by Skyth sharing her mod and instructions for using it on the Gamebanana site. “This mod allows you to play as the mustachioed man in the red cap from the 1996 game with the exact same controls and move set,” the mod page clarifies.

However, in order to use the mod you need to have your own ROM of Super Mario 64 NTSC-U version, since the mod does not use any Nintendo asset to avoid problems. Once you start the game with the mod, it will ask you to select the ROM in order to start the alternate version of Sonic Generations.

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If you’re curious, I invite you to try the Sonic Generations x Super Mario 64 mod, although the creator warns that you can’t play the game from start to finish, as some levels can’t be passed with Mario’s gameplay. In addition, it is possible to use the flight cap at any time so that you can experiment with its potential.

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