The hope of a whole people will be on our shoulders in Song of Iron, which is now available to book at Xbox. This action adventure created by Resting Relic It will put us in the shoes of a warrior who will enter the search for the Great Temple of the Gods in order to save his people, but not everything will be as simple as it seems. The game will arrive on our consoles on August 31.

On our way we have left a trail of broken helmets and shields. The world will be against us on this journey we have undertaken and I would dare to say that even nature will try to stop us. Fighting will be our only option if we want to fulfill our mission.

Song of Iron is now available to pre-order on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One

Song of Iron it will put us to the test in intense combat that can be visceral and very dangerous. We will have a bow, an ax and a shield to defend ourselves, however, that will not guarantee our safety at any time.

We can lose our weapons in combat, our shields can break, or we can run out of arrows for our bows, leaving us exposed to danger. Our courage may waver or intensify as we struggle.

The game offers us various areas that we can explore, such as the ancient and mysterious homeland of our warrior. We will have to keep our eyes open as we go through the forests, caves and mountains, since danger will be waiting for us.

Offers with Gold and Special Offers from the week of July 20

The blood of our ancestors and the thirst for revenge will be strong in Song of Iron. The emotional charge will intensify as we move forward. We must defeat everything that stands in our way, as our people have placed their hope in us. Will it be enough to emerge victorious or will the burden be too heavy?

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Remember that you can find Song of Iron available to book at the Microsoft Store At a price of € 19.99.

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