How much would you be willing to pay for an electric motorcycle not to think of a conventional one?  Here is the model that will make you rethink it.  This is the Sondors Metacycle.           </p><div>

For some time now, the development of electric motorcycles has had a strong growth. Either in terms of autonomy, as in charging time, the truth is that it has been possible to verify how the mechanics have taken a big step forward. The reliability of this technology has also been able to perform better in terms of differentiation.

Even so, they still have a heavy penalty when it comes to price. After all, the production of units with a classic combustion engine has hardly had any changes in recent years. This is because a highly developed degree of efficiency was achieved. This, of course, has not yet happened in the battery segment. Hence the lack of competitiveness.

Sondors Metacycle electric motorcycle will be available in the third quarter

In full standardization of the electricity supply, new players have emerged in the market in search of a differential product. Sondors is a company that is immersed in a project with great potential. The Metacycle is expected to be ready to enter the assembly line in the third quarter of this year. Despite this, there are many details that are still unknown.

In this sense, we find an electric motorcycle that has a very characteristic style, as well as the inclusion of a technology that stands out, mainly, for having a large dose of innovation. Following this premise, the founding partners have offered new related data about the engine and the different battery management and driving programs.

These revelations will allow us to know to what extent we find a means of transport with great capacities for success in the market, what will be the values ​​that some of the most outstanding variables will take and, above all, why we are facing a technology that attracts attention compared to its competition. Are we facing the electric motorcycle of the year?

An electric motorcycle designed to enjoy the city

Obviously, its main ecosystem is expected to be the urban environment. A motorcycle of these characteristics has many advantages compared to a classic fossil fuel-based engine. However, if you are going to practice driving beyond the city, the benefits are put aside. Under this first appreciation, why are we facing a unique model?

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The Sondors Metacycle is one of the most competitive motorcycles on the market in terms of price. Electrek

Before going on to detail the price, one of its main factors to assess, it should be noted that we are facing an electric motorcycle that reaches a maximum speed of 130 km / h. Therefore, Yes, extra-urban driving can be done in case of need. Even so, this technology suffers at higher speeds, so it should not be abused.

The maximum speed exceeds the limit present on most roads

In another order, its battery equipment will give it enough power to reach a maximum of 130 kilometers of autonomy. Among the solutions that have been proposed, the provision of a motor that is IP67 certified. In this way, it has enough insulating material against water or dust. This is essential, especially in certain geographical areas.

The main novelty that has been announced is directly related to the new ECO driving mode. When applied, the motorcycle limits your top speed to 100 km / h. In the same way, it limits the power delivery, which is located at 14 kW if working under normal conditions. It is, therefore, a solution that can help you get out of trouble.

Sondors Metacycle or how to carry out a very efficient job

Among the issues to assess, it is striking to see how this motorcycle has another innovation that allows extend the autonomy the odd extra kilometer. Although its main battery set is fixed, an auxiliary battery with a capacity of 3 kWh can be added as an option. In this way, it is possible to enjoy the extra that will require, yes, a type 2 plug for charging.

Sondors Metacycle, the low price electric motorcycle
Sondors Metacycle is an electric motorcycle with very interesting dynamic qualities. Electrek

We are, therefore, before an electric motorcycle with large doses of technology at a low price. This is so because each unit will be available at a price of about $ 5,000. Taking into account that It will be framed within the models with a displacement of 125cc, It can be said that it has a very competitive price for the public. Here is the key this solution.

We will have to wait a few more months, however, to see if its development is welcomed by the public or if, on the contrary, there is not much beyond what has been seen so far. And you, would you buy a purely electric option knowing what the limitations are or are we facing very competitive options? We will have to wait a little longer to find out.