The anime One Piece has been represented in different ways: illustrations or artisan designs, among other things, however, this video has fascinated the One Piece community showing what could be the intro of the live action series of this anime.

And it is that since its creation anime has never had a live action version, but the perfect opportunity to do so is at this time, since the technological advances and the film editions they are at their highest point.

With this in mind, a group of designers, producers, illustrators among others, took the initiative to create an introduction that would be perfect for the series. East intro was shared on the Reddit community by user OnePiece_Netflix_Fan and it has left the community with their mouths open.

This realistic One Piece intro is the best you’ll see this week

The Realistic One Piece intro begins in the middle of the sea where the camera is submerged at the bottom of the sea and shows the mythical straw hat. After this shows all the members of the saga with a design similar to marble figures.

Something like this for one piece live action intro would be awesome… .with actual cast and bigger budget it can look even better desde OnePiece

Soon after, he takes a continuous shot that shows the most powerful anime characters like Shanks, Brook, Sabo, Whitebeard, Charlotte Linlin, Kaido, Yonko, Jimbe among others. And as an interesting detail all the characters are on the back of the king of pirates known as Goal D. Roger.

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