Social Selling: How to sell more?

Social Selling: How to sell more?

In a world digital we must increasingly take into account the strategies necessary to be able increase our sales, the Social Selling is one of them.

According to the recent Digital 2021 study conducted by We Are Social and Hootsuite, internet users have grown this year by 7.3 percent compared to 2020, it is estimated that approximately 60 percent of the world’s population already has access to Internet. In the same way, he comments that due to the growth of this, the users in social networks have already reached 1,200 million peopleIn other words, the estimated number of network users is 53 percent of the world population, that is, 490 million more than in 2020. Statista He also shows in his study that the average time that the population spends on social networks is approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes a day.

The social networks They have become indispensable for the population that has access to them, thanks to the infinity of advantages that they offer, among them the ease of providing public information, the ability to receive them by the audience, the interaction between a brand and the user, the easy measurement of statistics in the contents, the diversity of these, and in the same way the advantage and business opportunities What do they offer to be able to improve income of some people.

What is Social Selling?

In accordance with Social Selling-Coach, the Social Selling is the use of social media to be able to relate, create branding, generate leads and in this way get more customers. However (despite its name) this is not about an online sales system, but about reaching the minds of consumers in an indirect way, making them manage to buy from us without necessarily selling them.

Today there is a high variety of social networks that could allow us to make use of the Social Selling, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. These, in addition to giving us a presence on the networks, allow us to create the image of our business or company and be able to take it into the hands of possible prospects.

How much can I increase my sales if I do Social Selling?

According to information from McKinsey, a project or work team that is within social platforms to do Social Selling, can reach increase your sales between 20 and 25 percent. This information has caused that currently around 85 percent of companies already consider using social networks. In the same way, they report that the brands that are present on social networks manage to connect better with people by 56 percent.

You probably already know the world of social networks for its basic use, sharing photos, videos, statuses, etc. To make an effective Social Selling is not very complicated, however, it is the small changes within a company that give significant results.

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How to sell more with social networks?

The Hootsuite Blog provides us with some of the best practices to do a good Social Selling, among them:

Identify your target – It is not only about creating a social network and publishing things, each audience has their preferred social network, so you should worry about investigating where you could better reach your consumers. For example, if you’re selling office products, chances are that LinkedIn could be your best option. Similarly, if your business is in charge of selling fashion accessories, LinkedIn is probably not your best idea and you should move to another platform, such as Instagram and possibly Facebook. In the same way, you could experiment with the different networks and after a while see which one works best for you.

Value content – It provides value of interest in your social networks to increase your traffic and that in this way your contents are shared more easily, having as a consequence a greater reach in an organic way. Do not limit yourself to merely providing information about your product, take care of giving your client more than he needs and in this way you will be able to position yourself in his mind as a professional who knows everything about the market in which he is and will not identify you just as one more seller on social networks.

Keep us real – The use of bots, despite being effective when we have a high number of followers, looks very artificial and this does not promote such an organic relationship with our client, even damaging our relationship. Clearly the use of bots can benefit our company, however what better than interacting with a real person?

Interact with our followers and other companies – Through simple actions such as reacting to comments from social networks, commenting, sharing and making retweets, it is enough for users to realize that we are taking them into account and we not only seek to sell more, but to listen to the opinion of our followers . In the same way, this causes users to feel more belonging to the brand and can make us various valuable observations, aspects to improve, in addition to fostering conversation and creating a higher level of trust in our brand.

Analyze your results and create strategies – When making your publications, identify the strategies that best serve you, such as promotions, surveys, questionnaires, etc. Analyze your results and see which are the strategies that have best served your company to capture the attention of the audience and start from there to continue creating content in the future.

The Social Selling is a good strategy to increase our presence in networks and improve the sales of our products up to 25 percent. Remember to listen to your followers, interact with them and create valuable content to improve your positioning.

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