Sobrasada gratin toasts with pear and goat cheese, easy cooking recipe

Sobrasada gratin toasts with pear and goat cheese, easy cooking recipe

There are days when you want an aperitif loaded with flavor, something that these are left over Sobrasada gratin toast with pear and goat cheese. The effort and time involved is ridiculous, especially when compared to how delicious the result is.

Approximately 10 minutes is what it takes to have the pecking this weekend. Ideal to accompany a glass of white or red wine, a cold beer, a soft drink or any other drink of your choice.

Admits various versions that allow us to take advantage of ingredients that we have on hand and reduce food waste. The pear can be exchanged for an apple, the Pedro Ximénez for another sweet wine or honey, the goat cheese for a feta, a Manchego or another with body and flavor. Let’s get into trouble.

Mix the sobrasada with the Pedro Ximénez, stirring well until integrated. The wine will make the consistency lighter and it will facilitate its spreadability, in addition to balancing the power of flavor of the sobrasada. We lightly toast the slices of bread. We booked.

We peel the pears, cut them in half along and remove the seeds. Laminate and fry in a pan with the butter over medium heat. We turn so that they brown on both sides. We withdraw and reserve.

Assemble the toasts spreading a layer of sobrasada and placing pear slices on it. We cover with goat cheese crumbled (without bark). Gratin in the oven for two or three minutes or until the surface is browned. Sprinkle with a pinch of black pepper and serve immediately.

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With what to accompany the gratin toast of sobrasada with pear and goat cheese

As we mentioned in the introduction, a wine, a beer, a vermouth, a soft drink, … all of them are good options with which to accompany the Sobrasada gratin toast with pear and goat cheese. If you add good company to this, you have the peck of the rounder weekend.

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