The pickles and variants are far from being just an old-fashioned bite linked to the aperitif and the tapas bar. Revalued as a gastronomic trend, they are a very healthy food that great chefs know how to make shine, and they give a lot of play in the kitchen. If you are one of those who would drink in one sitting the liquid from a jar whole of pickles, try to use it as an ingredient as well.

What does the pickle liquid contain?

There are different types of pickles, but the most common commercials that we find in any supermarket or specialized store are based on a variable formula of water, vinegar, salt and sugar (optional), being able to also carry acidity correctors, antioxidants and some preservative, plus possible aromas such as aromatic herbs or spices (mustard seeds, peppercorns, thyme, dill, chilli or cayenne …).

That liquid of government is therefore a brine responsible for the pickling process itself through fermentation, which also acts as preservative of the food that pickles. It is not to everyone’s taste for its obvious pronounced vinegary flavor, but a true lover of variations will be tempted to take a long drink out of the jar.

And it is not far-fetched; Although there are also popular myths that advise against drinking it, curiously this liquid recently became fashionable as healthy drink, especially for athletes. Several studies have analyzed the possible effects it can have on the body, such as a greater recovery after exercise, controlling glucose levels or protecting the intestinal microbiota, when they are fermented.

Ways to take advantage of the liquid of the pickles in the kitchen

If drinking the jar does not convince you but you do not want to waste that valuable juice, you can try these ideas to take advantage of the liquid in the kitchen at home:

  • Add a splash to mayonnaise when you make it homemade before emulsifying with the blender, replacing the usual vinegar or lemon juice. You can also mix it in a commercial or already prepared one.

  • Use it to marinate meat, fish, tofu or even vegetables, which may even be lightly pickled depending on how long you leave them. It’s perfect for a much juicier chicken, and you can combine it with fresh herbs or spices for added flavor.

Canned Pickles
  • Substitute the vinegar Stream in any vinaigrette with this liquid, either in the usual proportion or by trying and playing on the go until you find a formula that you like. Remember to reduce the added salt of the vinaigrette or eliminate it completely, as this liquid is already salty.

  • Make bread. Substituting the water for the governing liquid from the pickles is a common practice among bakers, which works especially well with thicker doughs or with acid and bitter touches, such as rye breads. Dan lepard has a recipe in his book ‘Made by Hand’ and is also perfect for loaves of bread with a more tender crumb and more intense flavor.

  • Mix it with any spreadable cream, type hummus, cream cheese, pesto, pate, tapenade, assorted dips, etc. The fermented and salty acidity of this liquid can add a delicious fresh punch to any creamy preparation, whether it is for dipping or spreading on toasts, sandwiches and appetizers.

  • Revive bland dishes. rich in umami, a splash of this product can do wonders with overcooked veggies, a bland soup, a boring vegetable cream, a drab salad, or a sauce that’s too flat. Try using it with a spray bottle to spread it sparingly and more evenly.

  • Play a little the cocktail bar. The idea is not at all new, there are many recipes for cocktails and mixed drinks that combine the liquid of various pickles with alcohol in different proportions. An easy way to start playing with it is by adding it to bloody mary or a classic dry martini, a classic drink that already pairs well with olives.

  • Juices, smoothies and smoothies. Obviously, if it works in cocktails, it is also a good ingredient for non-alcoholic beverages. Not everything goes, because we doubt that something drinkable will come out of the combination of a brine with a chocolate shake or the typical vanilla ice cream, but it can enrich a citrus juice and also smoothies green.
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Everything is a matter of testing.

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