So you can play classic PS1 and PSP games without paying for the new PlayStation Plus subscription

So you can play classic PS1 and PSP games without paying for the new PlayStation Plus subscription


During this week we have been able to see how it has been revealed the list of games that will initially arrive at PlayStation Plus, thereby allowing all those interested to see the wide range of games that will be available from June of this year.

Under this premise, it must be said that PlayStation Plus will add PSOne and PSP gamesthese being perhaps one of the most striking knowing that, today, they are the ones that have the greatest obstacles to being able to be played, at least legally, the last remaining loophole being that of the PS digital store Life.

Enjoy PSOne and PSP games

PlayStation Plus will have 3 different subscriptions: Essential, Extra and Premium.

Having said all this, anyone would think that you will have to pay to enjoy these titlesbut the truth is that this will not be entirely the case, since, from what has been known, you can have access to these games for freealthough for this it will be necessary that you have previously bought them in digital format.

This has been known through the PlayStation blog, in which not only has this download of a free version been confirmed, but also, have said individual purchases will be available on some titles. We will have to see which ones they refer to exactly, since despite the fact that we know that the list of classic games is made up of titles such as Ape Escape or the Jak & Daxter trilogy,we do not know if everyone will have this offer.

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For the rest, remember that PlayStation Plus will be renewed next Junethe main novelty being the fact that this classic subscription service will be merged with PlayStation Now, which, everything is said, was in the doldrums on the console.

Likewise, this renewal of the service will offer three different levelsso that we can access depending on which we are subscribed to PS4 and PS5 games or, in addition to these, games from all previous PlayStation consoles, although it should be noted that PS3 can only be played in the cloudso any failure of your Internet connection can lead to the game crashing.

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