This is a special promotion to get easier with an Xbox Series X or S.

If we had to say which consoles are most successful in Spain, without a doubt those would be Sony’s, that is, the various PlayStation that have been launched since the 90s in our country. However, that does not mean that the other consoles also take part of the cake, being, between Nintendo and Microsoft, the American company the one that has more difficulties to take root in our national market.

Nevertheless, you can not say that Microsoft is not getting the batteries, since for now it has been known that Xbox Series S has been the best-selling console of Black Friday, which is a clear symptom of how the health of this brand is improving in Spain. Nevertheless, If you were looking for more incentives to buy an Xbox, the GAME video game store has something for you.

Xbox All Access is a service that makes it easy to get an Xbox Series X / S along with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Thus comes to Spain thanks to the famous video game chain GAME the Xbox All Access, being this a promotion for which we can get an Xbox Series X or Series S along with 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, being a way to enjoy all the games of the new generation.

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Via Xbox All Acces you can enjoy more than 100 high-quality games along with new games on the same day of their launch. The clearest examples of this are Halo Infinite, which launches in early December. Also, this subscription also gives access to EA Play.

For this you will only have to enter this link that takes you to the GAME page in which you can choose the console you want to buy, so that it would be as follows including in both options the 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate:

  • Xbox Series X for € 32.99 per month for 24 months.
  • Xbox Series S for € 24.99 per month for 24 months and also assuming a saving of € 11.99 if you buy it with the Xbox All Access promotion.

For all this, and with the time that is coming up for Christmas, This promotion allows access to the new consoles without making such a large investment upfront, also having the extra of having a small discount if you access it with Xbox Series S. If you want this console, do not miss the opportunity.

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