It may be the case that you do not want an application or a game to know the actual location where you are at that moment because you need it for whatever reason. Well, today we are going to explain how you can falsify the situation you are in in a much simpler way than you might think at first glance.

What the theory is seems simple, since all you have to do is send custom data to the GPS of your smartphone instead of the ones it obtains from the satellites.

Performing this task can be useful for applications that limit their services depending on where we are or because we want to test a function of a game that only works in a specific geographical area.

There are applications that are quite easy to deceive with our location, but there are others whose systems have been better prepared and that are much more complicated to deceive. Let’s see how we can deceive them and send them a different location than our real one.

What do we need?

To get fake our location on Android we will need to meet some requirements in addition to having some kind of software to achieve it.

Let’s see carefully what we are talking about:

  • We must have our Android terminal with the Bootloader unlocked. If our mobile does not meet this requirement, it will be impossible to perform this method.
  • We will also need a Windows computer.
  • A Recovery as TWRP.
  • You better have one ROM as close as possible to Android Stock. With one like Xiaomi MIUI, to give you an example, we could also do it, but it will be much more complicated.
  • Magisk and Magisk Manager.
  • The mobile app Storage Isolation .
  • Smali Patcher for PC.
  • The application Fake GPS.

So we are going to fake the location

After seeing everything you need, it is the best time to start customizing the GPS location of our Android mobile.

Everything we have to do may be a bit long, but the end result will be what we are looking for, that is, to be able to put the location that best suits us.

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Bootloader unlocked

As we already told you in the requirements for this system to work, the Android terminal must have the bootloader unlocked. This implies that if you have it, everything is perfect and if you consider it, you will have to search the net as it is done in your specific smartphone model.

It is important, once the bootloader is unlocked, that we install a Personalized recovery such as TWRP or OrangeFox, because everything will come to fruition having one of these recovery systems installed.

Magisk and Magisk Manager

At this moment we will use Magisk to get root access to our device.

This step is extremely simple because all we have to do is open Magisk and go to Setting. From there we must scroll down until clicking on the option MagiskHide.

Storage Isolation

With Storage Isolation We will ensure that other applications cannot read the storage of our smartphone.

This is done to prevent some apps from detecting that our mobile is rooted and with a personalized Recovery.

The steps that we must follow are the following:

  • We run the application and we grant root permissions.
  • Now we must enable the application that we want to spoof the location by going to Application Manager (Apps Management), select the app that is and then click on Enable storage isolation option on Basic Options.
  • Next we must activate the DCIM and Downloads folders by clicking on Accessible folders.
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Smali Patcher

Now is the time to use Smali Patcher on our computer, so we must download and install it.

The next steps are:

  • We enable USB debugging on your phone and connect to the computer.
  • This is when we must run Smali Patcher.
  • We are going to Patch Options, select Mock locations.
  • Now we click on ADB Patch.
  • Once the program stops working, we will find in a zip file inside the Smali Patcher folder, which we must copy to the internal storage of our mobile phone.
  • Restart the smartphone in recovery mode and we installed that zip file from TWRP.

Thanks to what we have just done, we have achieved that no application can detect that it is not a real location that we are broadcasting from our smartphone.

No matter how advanced the app is, it will not know that we are simulating, since it will not have access to the storage of our phone.

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Fake GPS

Now is the time to install Fake GPS Location – GPS JoyStick, which, although it is in the Google Play Store, we recommend installing from the developer’s website, since it has several extra functionalities.

Once we have downloaded and installed it, the next thing to do is:

  • We open the application and click on the option Privacy Mode and then in Quick Options.
  • Next we must click on Generate.
  • Ah Orale we will give the name that we want. We do this so that no program or person detects an application called Fake GPS on our smartphone.
  • Now we install the app that we have created.
  • When i’m done we uninstall the original version by Fake GPS Location – GPS JoyStick.
  • At this moment we will Settings on the smartphone and then press Developer options and then Select simulated location app.
  • Now is when we select the application that we have created.

Impersonate location

There are only a few steps left to achieve our goal, which is none other than putting a different location on our smartphone than the one we really have.

Let’s see how we finish to be able to achieve it:

  • We open the version of the app Fake GPS Location – GPS JoyStick that we have created previously.
  • We played in the map icon which is located in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • At that time we must select Start from the bottom and we give you all the permissions you ask for.
  • Once we have done this, we must go to the tab Set Location which is located in the upper left.
  • Then we put the coordinates of any place on Earth where we want to be and we just need to press on Teleport.

From that moment, in any application that requires knowing our location, the one we have simulated will come out, so that we can be, without being, anywhere in the world that we ourselves want.

In this way, not even the most modern apps will be able to detect that we are not really where our location system is telling them.