Surely, several of the dear readers were preparing to avoid the famous January slope, but if not, with a lot of patience and discipline, let us do everything possible to get ahead. I hope a desired purpose while we were choking on grapes was to have healthy finances, if not now is the time.

To get around the hill, let’s start the climb with a lot of courage. If you indulged yourself, then calmly, no one forced us to embark; Or the same, you suffered a disaster due to a contingency, I am sure that in any way, this can also help you.

First of all, I must sort out my debts and, most importantly, know them. I have come across people who do not even know how much they owe or the rate at which they borrow, sometimes what they spend is greater than what they enter, so a mega snowball effect is generated.

To have everything clear I can start with knowing which are the most expensive obligations, either by interest or amount. Another criterion is the term in which I contracted them, that is, if I have them for months without interest or not; This is very important because it will determine my payment plan. With all this, then yes, let’s get on with them.

What I should do is draw up a payment plan, which will go hand in hand with my monthly budget. Again the budget, I will insist on it until our Lord comes, but if I do not have it perfectly prepared, it will take a long time to get out of debt; If you remember, I have recommended that you should not exceed 30% of our income.

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With the budget drawn up and written in stone, we already have an “available” amount to make payments, which will be made up of what you had earmarked for debts plus the 10% you had in mind to save, while you have debts there is no way to do it.