Snapdragon or MediaTek. What is better in a cheap mobile?

Snapdragon or MediaTek.  What is better in a cheap mobile?

In a sector as complete as that of mobile telephony, we are faced with a lots of options when we are going to buy a new smartphone. If our budget for this is not high, we will have to opt for an entry-level one, but, be careful, this does not mean by any means that performance is always sacrificed.

You can run into economic alternatives and with more than enough power to open video games or applications at a decent quality. Of course, the low range is populated mostly by MediaTek.

Lower cost

The main advantage of the Chinese company’s CPU over Qualcomm is the low production cost of your chips. This translates into a lower price than those that carry a Snapdragon inside.

However, this also implies that the performance that it is able to offer is reduced compared to the American firm. It is true that MediaTek has truly efficient chips such as Dimensity series, but these are only intended for mid-range and high-end smartphones normally.

As for the low-end, it is mainly occupied by the Helio family, which does not stand out in excess for its vigor, although the final cost of the terminal will be much lower than those that have a Snapdragon.

A recent case is the new Redmi 10, which has a MediTek Helio G88 integrated and enjoys an AnTuTu score of 195,294 points at a price of about 180 euros, while the POCO X3 that brings with it a Snapdragon 732G perceives a 301,118 valuation at a cost also close to 200 euros.

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Differential power

As we have seen, two smartphones under the same price range with a MediaTek and Snapdragon processor respectively show clear differences when it comes to performance.

After all, everything depends on use that it is intended to give the terminal, since if among our preferences is gaming we will have to bet yes or yes on one that has a Snapdragon.

snapdragon 2021

At first, Qualcomm focused only on the upper-middle range of devices, but for a while it has begun to expand your brand until it also occupies a large part of the low range.

That is why the field of MediaTek is less and less, although everything seems to be about to change with its new chip that will see the light of next year 2022. Time will tell if the firm can turn the tables , although, for the moment, the most sensible thing is to bet on Snapdragon in the low range. In this way, despite not spending a considerable sum of money, we can obtain a guarantee terminal for any area.