Sony launched its new TV models that have a Cognitive Processor XR for sale in Argentina. We tested the A80J and we tell you all the info Here!

Sony televisions

The new Sony televisions arrived in Latin America and have a new feature: a processor called Cognitive Processor XR. This technology is a new processing method that goes beyond conventional artificial intelligence. The intention of this new processor is to replicate the visual and auditory capabilities of human beings to improve images in how we would see them, for example, through a window. We unconsciously focus on certain aspects, and this new processor will do that for the image.

Artificial intelligence

But...How does this work? The Cognitive Processor XR, owned by Sony, divides the screen into several areas and detects where the focal point of the image is. The new processor, unlike a normal artificial intelligence, performs a cross-sectional analysis of a set of elements at the same time, as the human brain does. And by doing this, each element is adjusted to its best level so that the entire image looks perfectly in sync and real.

The Cognitive Processor XR You can analyze the position of the sound in the signal so that it is reproduced in perfect harmony with what is seen on the screen. And at the same time convert any sound to sound Immersive 3D to deliver superior realism with an immersive soundscape. But the most interesting thing is that the processor that learns, analyzes and processes an unprecedented amount of data and intelligently optimizes each image you see on the screen.

The models

The models of the line Bravia XR that arrive in Latin America are three: OLED A80J, 4K LED X95J and 4K LED X90J. All three televisions have BRAVIA CORE, which is an application where you can watch movies that are enhanced with the Cognitive Processor XR, Google TV for all content (integrated chromecast), interface compatibility HDMI 2.1, Sound-from-Picture-Reality (pictures and sound are aligned for a unique experience), hands-free voice function, smart speaker support (such as Google Home or Alexa) and mode IMAX Enchanced, which reaches Netflix only with these televisions.

Sony televisions

The A80J is a beast

But CulturaGeek in the week had the chance to go to a Sony center and test their most powerful equipment. The OLED A80J comes in three models: 65 ″ and 55 ″ since the 77 still has not arrived in the country. Obviously, it has included the Cognitive Processor XR, which also includes the XR OLED Contrast, which adjusts the brightness to deliver brighter peaks and deeper blacks in dark areas. It also has technology XR Triluminos Pro, which offers ranges of colors with the subtle differences that we see in the real world.

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It has technology XR 4K Upscaling, which optimizes signals 2K to match them with quality 4K as well as compatibility with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos that will give us special versions of Netflix series, for example, from the app included on the TV. It is also ready for the PS5, with a panel that reaches 4k in 120hz, with input 2.1 ready for when the games run in native 4K and 120 FPS.

In addition, this incredible television has the new Sony sound system in which the sound does not come out through the side speakers, but rather from inside the screen, with several areas to follow the voices of the protagonists or the impacts of the movie. The only bad thing is that to have the 65-inch one in your living room, you will have to pay more than 650 thousand Argentine pesos.

If you want to see all the characteristics of these televisions, we leave you the page of Sony of the model.

Sony televisions

In addition, it is likely that the other models will arrive in Argentina shortly, such as the 4K LED X95J, which comes in 85 ″, 75 ″ and 65 ″. This television has a minimalist design and is borderless. To take advantage of this, include technology X-Wide Angle, which offers true and vivid colors from any angle. And it has technology 8K, since it has a panel Full Array LED, XR Triluminos Pro and XR Contrast Booster. This TV also has compatibility Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and has technology Acoustic Multi-Audio, offering immersive cinematic sound. If you want to know a little more about this model, we leave you the link to read all its characteristics.

And finally, we have the televisions 4K LED X90J of 100 ″, 75 ″, 65 ″, 55 ″ and 50 ″. The difference between this model and the previous ones is that in addition to combining the panel technology Full Array LED, from the XR Triluminos Pro and XR Contrast Booster, has Ambient Optimization. This technology allows the image and sound to adapt automatically to the environment thanks to a light sensor that comes inside the television. We leave you the link so you can read all the characteristics of the television.

Sony televisions

For the moment in Argentina, you can only get on the official Sony website the 65 ″ A80J. Its current price, which is discounted, is $ 649,999 and you can buy it in 12 installments without interest. Non-discounted television has a value of $ 789,999.