Sloop, natural treasure of La Paz –

Sloop, natural treasure of La Paz –

27 kilometers from the city of La Paz, you will find one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico: Balandra. Known worldwide for its spectacular scenery with mountains of white sand and crystalline sea, it is the favorite place for inhabitants and visitors of Baja California Sur.

Its waters are calm and shallow, making it a safe space for people of all ages, as well as an opportunity to admire the wonders of the Sea of ​​Cortez up close. Her beauty has been recognized on various occasions, the most recent during the Tourist Tianguis Mexico 2021, What “the best beach in Mexico”In the ranking The best of Mexico.

But … what makes it so beautiful and special? Balandra is a bay with a community of mangroves, cacti, dunes and incredible sandy beaches. As mentioned in the previous lines, its waters are calm and shallow in which you can go up to 300 meters without the water passing your knees. In addition, they are painted in multiple shades of turquoise, which contrast with the brown of the ecosystems and with the vegetation that surrounds it.

Because of this natural abundance, it has been recognized as Protected Natural Area, Area of ​​Importance for Bird Conservation, World Heritage Site and RAMSAR site, when considering its wetlands internationally relevant for species conservation.

On site, you can practice from paddle board and kayak, to hiking to discover its natural viewpoints and observe impressive landscapes, always using authorized trails such as Balandra Valley, The merit or the North Circuit.

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Here you can also admire the famous “Balandra Mushroom”, a rock formation over 3 meters high, which has survived erosion and waves for thousands of years and has become an iconic symbol.

La Paz, as well as a favorite place for visitors to take pictures.

To get to Balandra, you will need to take some means of land transport to travel the highway or take a boat tour to enjoy its incredible beaches.