Skyrim Anniversary Edition points to its arrival on Nintendo Switch

Skyrim Anniversary Edition points to its arrival on Nintendo Switch


Skyrim is one of those fireproof games, which no matter how many years pass, will always be recognized as one of the best open world RPGs on the market. This can be seen perfectly in how Bethesda seems to try to make sure that the game is never forgotten, releasing a large number of versions of it, something that has recently happened with the release of the versions for new generation consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X |S).

Specifically today we come to talk about this version, that is, the so-called Anniversary Edition, this being the version received by users of new generation consoles, and it seems that it could reach Nintendo Switch. This, in addition to the graphic and performance improvements, included all the DLC that have come out for Skyrim, as well as numerous mods and others.

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Taiwan classification agencies are the key

Normally we usually receive leaks from different job offers published by companies, but now We go to the second great video game leaker: the classification agencies of each country. In this case, the credit goes to the Taiwan classification agency, and it seems to have leaked Skyrim Anniversary Edition among its games for Nintendo Switch,

This was discovered by SwitchBrazilbut shortly after this discovery the section where this appeared was deleted, but luckily from this brazilian website they managed to capture him before he disappeared.

in this capture you can see perfectly that we are talking about “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition”, although curiously the image that appears on the right corresponds to the original version of this title, which has been available for a long time on Nintendo Switch. In addition, we can see how this title seems to have been classified in this country on May 15 of the current year 2022, something that could indicate a close announcement.

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For now we have to wait for an official announcement or for Bethesda to decide to deny this leak, given that we have also experienced cases in which these things are simple errors of these organisms. Despite this, the data is there, and considering Bethesda’s history it is not at all difficult to believe this information.

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