SILENT-60, the yacht with solar panels and sail included

SILENT-60, the yacht with solar panels and sail included

They create a yacht that moves thanks to solar energy and the arrangement of a curious sail. Here are the keys to the technology it incorporates.

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a whole set of innovative solutions to depend less on fossil fuels. Although there is still a long work ahead, a transition to a much more sustainable market is beginning to be seen. Eliminating conventional fuels from the transport equation is a challenge that is still far from being realized, but the trend seems to be clear.

This, however, is not happening in the same way in all segments of the transport market. The clearest examples we can obtain in the air and maritime industry. We can find various efficient proposals in terms of consumption, but the truth is that not enough funding has been received to achieve a great performance at a commercial level. For this reason, it is worth highlighting some of the projects with the greatest projection that exist today.

SILENT-60 is a project that has a set of technological innovations designed to not depend on conventional engines. The key to project designed by the manufacturer Silent Yachts it basically consists of justifying the inclusion of electric motors and batteries as the basis for movement in the maritime field. Thanks to the inclusion of a series of innovative technologies, it has been possible to have a proposal that is worth an analysis.

The catamaran that has been created has, mainly, a key factor to prove its worth as a means of transport. The installation of solar panels throughout the roof allows energy to be obtained enough to make certain movements. However, its main distinction in relation to the rest of the alternatives is related to the incorporation of a sail-based equipment. Hoisting this sail reduces energy consumption.

Let’s see, therefore, what are the main characteristics of this technology, why it is a differential product in the market and what options are there for this innovation to be added to other proposals in the sector. And you, would you buy this catamaran for its dynamic qualities or for its energy saving?

Silent Yachts as differential technology in the boat segment

The first thing that stands out about this boat is the incorporation of a total of 42 solar panels. The energy collected by these is stored by a set of batteries with a total capacity of 286 kWh. To get an idea about this last figure, it is important to point out that this would be the equivalent, practically, of the same that we would find in a total of 3 units of the Model S in the version with greater capacity.

The Silent Yachts yacht stands out, above all, for having an additional sail to reduce consumption. Electrek

However, its main distinction lies in the addition of the 9-13 square meter kite wing. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to reduce the consumption of electrical energy, being able to extend the autonomy of the vehicle and, therefore, the practical aspirations around its use. It is, therefore, an alternative that could have a great commercial trajectory in the medium term if, finally, this proposal is extended to the whole of the sector.

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Even so, it is important to emphasize that this particular model offers an auxiliary fuel engine and tank to store up to 1,000 liters of fuel. In this way, in an emergency, this energy source can be used to reach the destination. After all, solar energy does not always guarantee the same level of autonomy always, something that happens in a similar way with the wind.

A catamaran with a great capacity to travel nautical miles

In maritime jargon, distances are usually measured in nautical miles. This particular model, thanks to solar technology, is capable of traveling up to 100 nautical miles a day, or what is the same, just over 185 kilometers. It is, therefore, a very interesting option for small weekend getaways. Faced with a certain need, you can always use the additional mechanics that are included with the boat.

SILENT-60, the catamaran that relies on solar energy and that generated by the wind with a sail

The SILENT-60 boat has a specific technology to reduce consumption. Yacht World

Among its virtues, it is worth highlighting the presence, in addition, of its incredible candle. As can be read in the specialized portal Electrek, the SILENT -60 will be the first model of the company to have this curious option, but it will also be available in the rest of the range. After all, the extent of the autonomy it provides can be differential in terms of consumption in certain situations.

We will have to wait a few months to be able see this type of boat on the water. The development has concluded, so everything will depend on the demand you have over the next few weeks. And you, do you think the incorporation of electrical mechanics into the set is too early or is it an interesting option given current technology?

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