Through its different trailers, Sifu It has always been seen as quite a challenging experience, and today it was confirmed that, at least during its launch, the title will have no options for difficulties. Talking with MP1st, its authors confirmed that this will be something they will add later.

Pierre Tarno, producer of Sifu, commented the following:

“We want Sifu to challenge players and motivate them to learn, improve and adapt. The ability to resurrect after death will help new players to fail and try again multiple times. But the price of mistakes will quickly increase, and in order to complete the game, they must learn to master the combat system. “

Clearly Sifu is a game designed to kick your butt until you manage to dominate the fight one hundred percent. In addition to that we have the aging mechanic, where the protagonist will get older for each death.

Remember that Sifu advanced its release date and will now be available on February 8, 2022 for PS5 and PC.


Editor’s note: It’s certainly strange news, particularly these days when modern games come loaded with different accessibility options. Anyway, Sifu is sure to be a fun experience for those who like challenges.

Via: MP1st

Sifu will not have difficulty options during launch

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