Side effects, origin and effectiveness

Side effects, origin and effectiveness

What does a moderate dose mean? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States, it is called a drink or drink to the minimum alcohol consumption unit according to the type of drink ingested.

A drink can be:

•355 milliliters of beer (with 5% alcohol content.
•236 milliliters malt liquor (with 7% alcohol content).
•147 milliliters of wine (with 12% alcohol content).
•44 milliliters of 80 proof distilled liquor (with 40% alcohol content)

It is considered an excess if a person ingests on a single occasion 4 or more “drinks”, in the case of women and 5 or more alcoholic beverages in the case of men. For a person, the consumption of more than 8 and 15 drinks per week can have counterproductive effects on the health of women and men, respectively.

CanSino in Mexico

The CanSino vaccine was involved in controversy in mid-2021 due to alleged irregularities regarding its purchase in Mexico.

There are a series of anomalies in the contract signed between the Secretary of Health of Mexico, CanSino Biologics and Latam Pharm, according to an investigation published this Tuesday by the Univisión network and the PODER organization.

The report indicates at the time of signing the contract, Latam Pharma had not been incorporated, according to the public corporate registry of Switzerland.

It also highlights that the contract for the purchase of vaccines was signed under the laws of Singapore, which —according to lawyers consulted by that means— put the Mexican government at a disadvantage, since it does not establish CanSino’s responsibilities in the event of a problem in manufacturing. of the vaccines.

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In response, the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) blamed the Chinese laboratory CanSino and the Ministry of Health for managing the contract for the acquisition of 35 million vaccines against COVID-19, for choosing their “affiliated company” in Mexico. and decide the country in which the business relationship is governed (Singapore).

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