Side effects of creatine that you should be aware of if you want to start taking it

Side effects of creatine that you should be aware of if you want to start taking it

Creatine is one of the best-selling sports supplements in the world. And is not for less; the purchase of this supplement it is very cheap, has a lot of evidence that it works and, in addition, it is totally safe to health.

Many supplements, such as BCAA’s, do not have evidence like creatine, so before buying a supplement, you have to study and investigate what the studies say. Nevertheless, yes, some side effects have been seen that can have the use of creatine, so then we are going to tell you what they can be.

feeling thirsty

One of the effects that creatine has on the body is the increased fluid retention in the body within the muscle cells. That is, there will be no greater fluid retention as when you go too far with salt, carbohydrates or fats.

And this is one reason why, by taking creatine, we can have a greater sensation of thirst. The problem is that thirst appears when there is a less fluid in our circulatory system. The water that is stored inside the cells obviously comes from our circulatory system, so by supplementing with creatine, it can make us feel more thirsty.

For this reason it is very common to recommend to those athletes who begin to supplement with creatine that increase your fluid intake by at least one more liter of water per day.


osmotic diarrhea

This occurs especially when creatine is low qualityso it is always recommended to buy from supplementation brands that are known to work with great quality.

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Osmotic diarrhea occurs because, in the intestinal tract, as there is a higher concentration of solutes than outside the tract, a lot of water passes from outside to inside, causing diarrhea.

This is what usually happens in runners who start experimenting with carbohydrate gels. When a runner starts taking gels, it can give them osmotic diarrhea from the amount of carbohydrates they take in at one time.

Despite this, it is not usually very common. Therefore, as mentioned above, we suggest that all sports supplements be purchased from quality stores.


Muscle cramps

This is something that can also happen but, even so, it is something very rare. One of the most common causes of muscle cramps is a electrolyte imbalance.

As we have mentioned before, creatine greatly increases water retention within muscle cells and this can cause imbalance that we have commented previously when the organism is not adapted to such a rapid entry of water into the muscle.

There are many myths of side effects that creatine can generate such as kidney damage, liver damage, somatic discomfort, and a long etc., but there is no evidence that these effects are produced by creatine

Therefore, we can firmly say that creatine is a good supplement, but that it must always be prescribed by an expert in sports supplementation.

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