Shirogane-sama is the schoolgirl Marin from My Dress-Up Darling.

Shirogane-sama is the schoolgirl Marin from My Dress-Up Darling.

One of the great peculiarities of the cosplayis that the artists who dedicate themselves to this beloved art can take characters from practically anywhere to pay homage to them, as is the case today and the beautiful Shirogane-sama who has played Marin Kitagawa in your version schoolgirlthe protagonist of My Dress-Up Darling.

Once again, we see another interpretation of My Dress Up Darlingbecause it has already become a phenomenon for fans and cosplayers, as this great interpretation in cosplay of Marin schoolgirl of Shirogane_sama.

The Marin schoolgirl embodied by Shirogane_sama reverts to the standard portrayal of the character, wearing the typical Japanese schoolgirl uniform of skirt, shirt, and tie. In this way, her costume is reproduced perfectly, as well as the other typical features of the protagonist of My Dress Up DarlingLike her long blonde hair.

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This series actually focuses on the cosplay and it is as if it was already predisposed to this type of reinterpretation, staging a kind of paradoxical situation: the manga/anime itself tells the story of a girl passionate about this hobby, who finally achieves her dream.

Many cosplayers were involved in this situation that could be defined as a kind of “meta” cosplay, since the cosplay it is in fact the very theme of the animated series, which generates a rather curious situation. In this case, the interpretation of Shirogane_sama It’s great and brings us closer to the character.

Marine is the protagonist of My Dress Up Darlinga girl who becomes a cosplayer enthusiastic thanks to his meeting with Wakana Gojo, a highly talented tailor who will help him make dresses professionally.

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Shirogane_sama He has other great performances on his social networks, so don’t hesitate to take a look at them so you can appreciate his beautiful work, and don’t forget to leave a well-deserved like.