Shiro Blossoms shows us the most charming side of ganyu from Genshin Impact

Shiro Blossoms shows us the most charming side of ganyu from Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has a large number of playable characters and Ganyu, without a doubt, is one of the most beloved female characters in the popular video game, especially for the cosplayer community who put themselves in the shoes of this Cryo archer.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that one of the Genshin Impact characters most loved by artists from all over the world is Ganyu, a character who makes a leap to real life thanks to an amazing cosplay made by the beautiful model Shiro Blossoms, who thanks to photo editing we can see what this character would look like in the flesh while using his amazing abilities.

On this occasion, a cosplayer model has amazed us all with an impeccable characterization of Ganyu from Genshin Impact, with which we can see that she has managed to perfectly recreate each of the character’s details, hand in hand with her charming silhouette that steals our hearts.

Half human and half qilin, Ganyu is a shy and silent but also brave and skilled fighter, with truly effective powers in battle and an appearance that does not go unnoticed, perfectly captured by cosplayer Shiro Blossoms.

Everything seems to indicate that Shiro Blossoms is an expert when it comes to Genshin Impact cosplays, since she has shown the most realistic version of Ganyu and the result has made us fall in love at first sight, from the clothing, the wig, the horns and the makeup, everything is taken care of in detail and as expected, his fans have shown all their affection.

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The talented cosplayer has made some posts on her official Instagram account, of which we can mention that Ganyu is one of her most recent cosplays, which is a complete success, since they have managed to reach more than 11 thousand “Like”, thanks to his more than 24k followers.

We look forward to seeing more of his Genshin Impact characterizations, especially with the huge popularity of the game right now. Her latest posts have received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with most noting how stunning the cosplayer looks as the character of Ganyu.