She buys an Alexa on Amazon and what she receives puzzles her

She buys an Alexa on Amazon and what she receives puzzles her

Consumer complaints against some brands for their experience when shopping digitally flood social networks. A user on Twitter recently indicated that she bought from Amazon, when receiving and opening her package the content puzzled her, despite the fact that it came with guarantee seals.

The tweeter identified as @suryyk detailed that he had bought a Alexa on the famous American online shopping platform and when she opened her package, what the box contained were “stones”.

“When you open the box waiting for your Alexa and you only find stones, it came with a guarantee seal! Help @amazonmex @Profeco ”, says the consumer’s tweet that is accompanied by several images showing the content of her package.

The publication on the social network was answered by the Amazon customer service account, that asked the consumer to contact them to solve their problem. Also, the official Amazon customer service account regretted what happened to your shopping experience with them.

“Hello. We’re sorry for the inconvinience. Contact us directly from our website to be able to review ”, comments the tweet.

Complaints from consumers of online purchases

In recent days this type of shopping is very popular with people who take advantage of the weeks of offers to acquire technological products or even the Christmas gifts.

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According to Forbes data, this shopping trend has also become very popular since 2020, where an increase in online sales was achieved by up to 81%., only in Mexico and represented a gain of 316 billion pesos, due to the decrease in social mobility due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This type of complaint is not the first that consumers make on social networks against Amazon, Mercado Libre or other stores that sell online. If we do a mapping on these platforms, there are many others that report receiving other things in their packages and not the products they bought.

As an example, another user on Twitter denounced that the company created by Jeff Bezos who decided to “close his account” after denouncing that he bought a source of “power and a processor” on the digital platform and received “two boxes of milk.”

“They have already ruled that it is best to close my account and obviously you are stealing my money,” highlighted the user @LuisRampaige in his tweet that responded to the official Amazon account.

Likewise, despite the fact that the American company responded to the customer’s complaint on the social network, the user mentioned that he was only reimbursed after 15 days of waiting for one of his purchases, but after waiting for the money from the other “Amazon decided close your account without returning your money ”.

“I had been waiting for a refund for one of the items for more than 15 days since I was refunded from the source without problems. The processor is the one that I was missing and today I was reimbursed, however a minute later they proceeded to close my account and obviously you were keeping my money ”, he added.

For consumers, it is very important that brands solve this type of problem, since the reputation that they have from companies depends on this and they also show it on their social networks.

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