Shareholders set sale price to Ubisoft

Shareholders set sale price to Ubisoft

The news about the purchase and sale of studios has been the protagonist of the front pages of the main internet portals in recent weeks. For months, the rumors about a possible sale of Ubisoft have been happening, to such an extent that there has also been talk of the possibility that the Guillemot family is looking for possible means to avoid this sale, trying to partner with a private firm for it.

However, the CEO of the company Yves Guillemot recently spoke about the real possibilities of a sale of the studio, and although he stated that it is not currently among his plans, it is something that would have to be assessed if its shareholders so decided. Well, precisely in the last few hours, we have been able to learn that the company’s shareholders have set a sale price to Ubisoft.

Shareholders set sale price to Ubisoft

The information comes from the portal dealreporter, which has pointed out that the sale of Ubisoft seems quite far away, especially for the sale price that shareholders have established. According to the sources consulted by the financial portal, to accept the sale of their shares they would have to offer them a minimum price of 60 to 70 euros per sharevaluing even not to go below 100 euros given the long-term perspectives.

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But what does this mean? Well, the sale of the French company could be very far away. At the moment, Ubisoft shares stand at 48.19 euros per share. Therefore, the value of these shares would have to double or almost double for the shareholders to be willing to accept what they have determined as the sale price to Ubisoft.

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However, the situation may change. It must be taken into account that the shares of the French company have always had a value of 60 euros, even reaching 80 euros, between 2020 and 2021. Therefore, although this growth was due to the consequences of the pandemic and the incidence that video games had on it, it is possible that the price will rise again if the company makes important announcements in the coming months.