Shadory conquers us with her Eula cosplay

Shadory conquers us with her Eula cosplay

The art of cosplay has its charm, since just as you can make a large number of characters of any gender, you can also play with their versions and add a personal touch that catches the attention of fans, so, on some occasions, cosplayer girls they decide to make characterizations of any character that you can think of.

And whether it’s video games, anime, movies, series, among others, they manage to get them off the screen and reflect the personality or appearance of one of our favorite characters, and that’s what excites us the most, because we can see them doing activities everyday or simply come to life.

We must admit that as in everything, there are some works that reflect a higher quality, since at first glance they stand out from the rest, many times it is due to the elaboration of their work or simply also to the charisma that the artists and models reflect in front of the camera lens, in addition, there are those who have an excellent acceptance by their followers, more so if it is a popular character.

Taking on the skin and essence of another being is not an easy task, but as the professionals that they are, they represent some of the greatest stories through their costumes, makeup, settings, and this time is no exception, since this time we bring back to a beloved model, who is sure to cast a spell on you with her beauty.

Calling itself shadowya beautiful Russian model who you can find on her official Instagram as @shadory_cos, where she has more than 155 thousand followers, and I think you won’t question why either, since she gives us some great cosplay versions and all her beauty in every take.

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Shadory, presents us with his best version of eulathe captain of the Favonius Knights Reconnaissance Company within Genshin Impacta rebellious, warrior descendant who is always on the battlefield, an elegant girl with very pale skin, short light blue hair, who proudly wears her uniform.

We hope that this beautiful cosplay work has been to your liking, so let us know your comments on our social networks, and please continue on eGames News.